Part 2: Capitalism’s Role in the Perpetuation of Gender Roles

lion-1477963_1280In a socio-economic society built on the sexual division of labor, a large goal of companies (whether they know it or not) is to divide men and women and to continue to use gender norms to their advantage when selling products.  That being so, the perpetuation of the division of genders occurs in a cycle: companies want to bring in money, so they play off of current standards for gender, which then perpetuates ideals for the two genders, which makes it more likely for big companies to continue to need and want to use the binary gender system to their advantage.  The source of this trouble would inherently be capitalism and the role it plays in perpetuating this.  But in order to understand how it acts today, one must consider how it began: the sexual division of labor started during hunter-gatherer societies, when men would go out and hunt and women would perform domestic labor.  Capitalism was first instituted when men began to herd animals and then capitalize on those animals, while women were still performing labor that resulted in no direct financial gain.  From there, capitalism was built by and for men in this image (Engels 107).  That being said, capitalism was built on the division of the two sexes, and so the economic status of today is built in the image of the division of the sexes and innately cannot allow for the abolition of the binary gender system which supports it.

Because assumptions about the gender of an inanimate object is a product of capitalism, it is capitalism alone that perpetuates a cycle of gendering objects and labeling people based on preconceived concepts of what certain genders are interested in.  Therefore, to do away with Capitalism is to do away the very institution that systematically oppression women and non-cis gendered people.  Without Capitalism, From there, people would be free to express the truest forms of themselves, without punishment and without limitations— which is something that society as a whole would benefit from.  Only when all marginalized groups are free can all people (of every imaginable sexuality and gender) be free, and along with that, can society be free to grow in new and innovative ways.

*this was developed by me as an academic paper for a class*


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